BARЯA is an encounter and an invitation instigated by Els Dietvorst currently taking place in Belgium and Ireland. Although it has been started by Els, the movement lives beyond herself. BARRA starts from being together, feeling the energy together, and creating from it. It’s not about something perfect, it's not about the product, it's an encounter where space is created for what can be. From hand to hand from soul to soul from heart to heart.


The exhibition This is what you came for was conceived as an encounter and an invitation together with The BARЯA MOVEMENT. The proposal grew out of the almost ritualistic actions and creations that Els Dietvorst started during the C19 lockdown. This is what you came for at CENTRALE and Bozar creates a fluid wave between the two places where one mirrors the other. A myriad of mediums including sculpture, installation, video and performance will introduce you to the universe of Els Dietvorst, in which she is always looking for connections with people and creates places for encounters. Now BARЯA has taken a life of its own as an independent collective in order to move and be moved by upcoming encounters. Follow your shadow!

The BARЯA MOVEMENT, (BE) ACM, Sadrie Alves, Angela Alsouliman, Alex Akuete aka Xray, Simon Arazi, Stefania Assandri, Els Dietvorst, Aurelie Di Marino, Daria Likhovitckaia, Flor Maesen, Asia Nyembo Mireille, Laurence Petrone, Philippe Vandenberg, Y, Yi Zhang, Honey Zinzs. (IRL) Laoise Garvey, Maria Cahill, Annette Doran, Sandra Whelan, Aine O’Grady, Mary Verling, Fiona Power, Ingrid Schumacher, and others to come.

Walk to a circle of hands, feel the heat, walk the light.