Field Guide*, Acte de Revolte

This publication accompanied the exhibition Wintrum Frod at Mu.ZEE, the first project in which Orla Barry and Els Dietvorst brought together the artworks that were created based on their work on the sheep farm. The Field Guide invites you to wander in the world of Els Dietvorst, between animal and human, between wild and walking, between art and life, between the individual and the commons, between primal and civilized, between being in the moment and transformation. Rekindling our intuition. Revolt!

Els Dietvorst and Max Borka, Field Guide*, Acte de révolte/Els Dietvorst, Kim Beirnaert & Ilse Roosens, Ostend: Mu.ZEE Kunstmuseum aan zee, 2019.
64 p.: ill., 26.5 × 20.5 cm, texts: Dutch, English.