I Watched the White Dogs of the Dawn

In I watched the White Dogs of the Dawn, Els Dietvorst addresses the troubles of Irish fishermen in coping with European fishing quotas. She talks to the inhabitants of Kilmore Quay village and provides a rough sketch of the tension underlying the personal and deeply human stories and the political-economic context.

I watched the White Dogs of the Dawn, 2016, variable length, color, sound, digital file.
Copyright Els Dietvorst.

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Webdocs are my research. In this case I am a one-woman camera unit. When I choose my subjects, whether it is a community or a human being, I follow them for years tracking their steps and discovering their habits and daily lives. These webdocs are the foundation for re-enactment and re-writing into a fictional pieces such as ‘The Rabbit and the Teasel’ and ‘Dogfish’.