Solid Crystal Fortune Cookies (in preparation)

Solid Crystal Fortune Cookies (triptych, part 3) is currently in preparation (planned for 2020). The film will be a contemporary parable, based on the collective memory of a vanished community. "What if the fisherman and the farmer have effectively disappeared?" After The Rabbit and the Teasel (2014) and I watched the white dogs of the dawn (2018), this film further explores themes such as the relationship between man and nature, the ‘condition humaine’, social conflict, the 'disenchantment' of the world and our quest for happiness. The following questions are key: do we have free will? Why do we have to suffer? What is it we call human nature? Are there limits to our reason? Are we bound by moral laws? How do we achieve happiness? Solid Crystal Fortune Cookies is a film that offers rituals. Rituals that reconnect us, with each other and with nature. The story of Solid Crystal Fortune Cookies is the result of an amalgam of happy, chance encounters with the unexpected.

Solid Crystal Fortune Cookies, 2020, triptych, part III, 00:40:00, color, sound, digital file.
Copyright Els Dietvorst.

Fiction and autobiographical elements smoothly mingle in a lyrical tale that drags the viewer into a universe of beauty, death, and decay. A masterful narrative, an extremely accurate work on the texts and the powerful aesthetics of timeless rural landscape, perfectly combine with the slow and relentless pace of remembrance and the melancholy of a lost innocence. (Paolo Moretti, Catalogue Visions du Reel, Nyon.)