The Black Lamb

The Black Lamb is a sketch of the daily fight for survival of Dietvorst’s neighbours in Duncormick (Ireland). It offers a unique perspective on the myth of idyllic living conditions in the countryside. The Black Lamb explores anti-utopian themes such as social conflict and survival on the margins. This webdoc forms the base for The Rabbit and the teasel.

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The Black Lamb, 2011–2014, variable length, color, sound, digital file.
Copyright Els Dietvorst.

Webdocs are my research. In this case I am a one-woman camera unit. When I choose my subjects, whether it is a community or a human being, I follow them for years tracking their steps and discovering their habits and daily lives. These webdocs are the foundation for re-enactment and re-writing into a fictional pieces such as ‘The Rabbit and the Teasel’ and ‘Dogfish’.