The King’s Children

Koningskinderen (The King’s Children) is the result of an art integration project at De Kempen Juvenile Welfare and Correctional Centre in Mol. There, Els Dietvorst talked to several boys living in the centre about guilt, innocence and dreams, plans and freedom. The image sketched in Koningskinderen is both critical and hopeful.

The King’s Children, 2004, 00:38:34, color, sound, mini DV.
Copyright Els Dietvorst.

‘Koningskinderen’ is a movie about three young criminals residing in the juvenile detention centre of Mol. This detention centre resides 40 of the most serious under aged criminals. Some reside for a long period of time, others only for one or two months. This film reflects upon their desires, feelings and dreams. By drawings, paintings or writing, we try to comprehend their way of thinking. For some the situation seems hopeless, others try to make the best of it. We are not allowed to film these teenagers’ face, since their identity is protected by law. Themes in this film are freedom, dream and innocence.