Els Dietvorst is a Belgian visual artist, filmmaker and shepherd who lives and works in Duncormick, Ireland.

She is an artist whose work focuses on communication, collaboration and social conflicts. She collects scraps and fragments of the world and models them, films them, draws them, tells their story in images. Not so much to point out certain abuses and even less to save the world through art, but above all to provide something to hold on to for herself and the spectator, to create order where there was chaos and through the enumerated reality to hold up a mirror that allows us to tune in to the universal everydayness, to the common, to that which in a mad world is increasingly considered uncommon.

As well as film, she uses other media like drawing, writing and sculpture.

Her work has been shown and supported by well known Art institutes and festivals such as the Kaaitheatre, Brussels, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels, Museum of Modern Art, Antwerp(B). Her work was also shown internationally in New York, Utrecht, Casablanca, London and Vienna.

In 2009 she curated the ‘Time Festival’ together with Dirk Braeckman. From the perspective of their concerns about the condition and the future of the world, the curators decided to make a clear statement: Time 2009 would be a book rather than a festival, a place to think rather than an event.

In september 2015 she was selected for the Moscow Biennal of Contemporary Art along with Luc Tuymans(B), Fabrice Hyber(F), Liam Gillick(USA), Gabriel Lester(NL), Li Mu(CN).

Her latest film ‘The Rabbit and the Teasel’ was selected for it’s International premiere on April 17th 2015 in one of the most important documentary festivals in Europe, Visions du Reel, in Switzerland.

Els is the winner of the Evens prize 2017.

Els Dietvorst

Recent works