Els Dietvorst winner of the Belgian Art Prize 2021 edition!

The Jury is particularly impressed by the radical way in which Els Dietvorst has developed and built her practice since the 1990s. The coherence between the oeuvre and the person is also impressive.

Dietvorst’s work often situates itself defiantly outside of the traditional commercial and institutional art circuits, and proves that an independent oeuvre is not only possible, but that it can also be extremely valuable.

The Jury is also impressed by the "transversality" of her approach both in the mediums used (drawing, sculpture, video, performance, installation, edition) and in the fields in which she acts and takes part (theater, public space, exhibition spaces, texts, ...), demonstrating a real freedom of mind, thought, action and creation.

Els Dietvorst will exhibit new work in Bozar in autumn 2021 (13.10.’21 – 02.01.’22)

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